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The Cast in “Greek Papyri”

Many thanks to Ann Hanson for helping to identify the figures in the “Greek Papyri” film featured in my last post. Starting from the beginning of the film: The voice reading the selection from Winckelmann’s account of the Herculaneum papyri … Continue reading

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The Film “Greek Papyri”

Thanks to a notice from an anonymous commenter, I am thrilled to report that the film “Greek Papyri–The Rediscovery of the Ancient World” is now available on Youtube. The film was produced in 1971 by the Greek and Latin Departments … Continue reading

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Unpublished Christian Papyri from Oxyrhynchus: Some Numbers

My book on early Christian manuscripts contains a chapter on the Christian material that has so far emerged from the excavations of Grenfell and Hunt at Oxyrhynchus. One of the questions I was unable to answer during my research was … Continue reading

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The Green Collection’s “Block Book” and What It Means to Own a Cultural Heritage Item

During the “Passages” Speaker Series in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012 and 2013, it was customary for Jerry Pattengale to host the evening talks and to provide updates on the development of the Green Collection. In one of these updates, … Continue reading

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Burning Papyri

As I compiled stories of discoveries of early Christian manuscripts for my book, God’s Library, one of the recurring tropes I encountered was the claim (usually by European and American scholars and collectors) that native Egyptians burned manuscripts. Such stories … Continue reading

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