A New Home for the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife?

Read down to the end of the story to learn where the “Jesus Wife” fragment is now:


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  1. a) If W. Fritz presented four mss once kept at Harvard Library, and they included the Jesus Wife fake and the gospel of John fake, what were the other two?

    b) Are there any published analyses or additional tests of Sarah Goler’s Study of Raman Spectroscopy on Carbon Black Ink as a Potential Method for Non-Destructive Dating of Ancient Manuscripts ?

    c) On Oct. 29, 2015 I emailed Prof. King the following, to which she did not reply:

    “The papers of Peter Munro are archived at the Museum August Kestner in Hannover.
    Munro was formerly director of the museum. Now Dr. Christian E. Loeben is curator of the Egyptian and Islamic collections. Dr. Loeben wrote an obituary of Munro, available here:

    Click to access Nachruf_Munro_englisch.pdf

    Dr. Loeben was a student at Free Uni. Berlin in the 1980s; his teachers included Munro (with whom he also dug in Egypt) and Gerhard Fecht (who taught him Coptic).
    Dr. Loeben has very kindly offered to compare contemporary (including 1980s) archived documents of Munro, whose signature he knows well, with the content and signature of the offered provenance documents.
    I include Dr. Loeben’s contact information after my signature. I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to further results of research.”

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