Brent Nongbri, visiting professor at Aarhus University

I’ve just finished up a book on ancient Christian manuscripts (Excavating God’s Library: The Archaeology of the Earliest Christian Manuscripts, forthcoming 2018 with Yale University Press). To keep the size of the book reasonable, I had to excise a number of things I uncovered in my research. For the moment, I’m using this space to tell some of these stories.

For a selection of my academic articles, see this site.

The banner is an image from Codex Bezae (University of Cambridge Library, MS. Nn.2.41, folio 71 verso), which has been digitized and is available online at the University of Cambridge Digital Library.

The site icon is from a stele of Timocrates, a copyist “trained in correct writing” (IG II² 12794).

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