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The Date of P.Köln 10.406 (P118)

One of the habits of papyrologists and New Testament scholars that I’ve tried to highlight over the last decade is the practice of dating the handwriting of ancient manuscripts by comparing them to other samples of handwriting that are themselves … Continue reading

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“Bodmer Papyri” at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin

I’ve mentioned before that the term “Bodmer Papyri” can be a little misleading, both because the ancient collection that scholars call the “Bodmer Papyri” includes some items that are not kept at the Fondation Martin Bodmer in Geneva and because … Continue reading

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Unpublished Christian Papyri from Oxyrhynchus: Some Numbers

My book on early Christian manuscripts contains a chapter on the Christian material that has so far emerged from the excavations of Grenfell and Hunt at Oxyrhynchus. One of the questions I was unable to answer during my research was … Continue reading

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P129: Some Questions about a Papyrus of 1 Corinthians

On a few occasions, I’ve mentioned a fragmentary papyrus leaf containing 1 Corinthians in the Green Collection, GC.PAP.000120 (which has been assigned the number P129 in the INTF Liste). In one of Scott Carroll’s videos from 2018, this papyrus was … Continue reading

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The Tchacos-Ferrini Codex of the Pauline Epistles in Coptic

While working through Scott Carroll’s videos, I’ve mentioned what I’m calling the Tchacos-Ferrini Codex of the Pauline epistles in Coptic (LDAB 108582). Little is currently known about this papyrus codex aside from an article in the journal Early Christianity by … Continue reading

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Newsreel Footage of Codex Sinaiticus from 1933

The major portions of Codex Sinaiticus that now reside in the British Library were bound into a volume by Douglas Cockerell after the leaves were closely studied by H.J.M. Milne and T.C. Skeat in their classic book, Scribes and Correctors … Continue reading

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Still More Greek and Coptic Papyri from Scott Carroll

Thanks again to the resourcefulness of David Bradnick, here is still another video of Scott Carroll displaying still more papyrus and parchment manuscripts, including some Greek and Coptic manuscripts that have not appeared in the other videos I have surveyed. … Continue reading

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