Tyrrell and Purser’s Editions of Cicero’s Letters

I sometimes need to check the extensive notes in the old edition of Cicero’s letters by Tyrrell and Purser:

Robert Yelverton Tyrrell and Louis Claude Purser, The Correspondence of M. Tullius Cicero, Arranged According to its Chronological Order; with a Revision of the Text, a Commentary, and Introductory Essays (7 vols., Dublin: Hodges & Figgis, 1879-1933)

Robert Yelverton Tyrrell (1844-1914) and Louis Claude Purser (1854-1932); images adapted from W. B. Stanford, “Articles on Classical Subjects in Hermathena,” Hermathena 115 (1973) pp. 1-12

The volumes are not as easy to find online as they should be. Various libraries have nice sets of organized links to electronic versions, but these direct to HathiTrust, which means that several volumes are challenging or impossible to access outside the US.

Most of the volumes are on archive.org, but they are a pain to search. So, here is an organized set of links for the files. Most are on archive.org, but a couple I could only find on Google Books, meaning there may be limited access in some countries.

First Edition

Second Edition

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