Online Images of Early Christian Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library

In a previous post, I mentioned that the Bodleian Library had made available nice color digital images of the Hawara Homer papyrus roll. They have also added images of several early Christian manuscripts. I provide links to the images at the Digital Bodleian and links to the editions in The Oxyrhynchus Papyri below:

All of these manuscripts are leaves from codices, but unless I’m missing something, there seems to be images of only one side of each of the first three here (Matthew, Acts, and Thomas). That last one in the list, P.Oxy. VII 1010, is a personal favorite. It’s a single leaf of a miniature parchment codex, and for this one, images of both sides are available:

Bodleian Library MS. Gr. bib. g. 3 (P), P.Oxy. VII 1010, 6 Ezra; image source: Digital Bodleian

Once again, many thanks to colleagues at the Bodleian Libraries for making these images freely available (and maybe we can get the other sides of the three other manuscripts soon?).

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5 Responses to Online Images of Early Christian Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library

  1. Peter Kidd says:

    From the quality of the images, I suspect the first few are scanned from existing, old, 35mm slides, when only one side was shot. The last one is much better quality, and has the colour-bar, showing that it was scanned much more recently

    • Yes, I think you’re right. It’s odd, though. Because a few years ago I paid for the digital photography (with scales!) of three of these (Thomas, Ezra, and Acts). So the digital images exist already.

  2. S Walch says:

    Is there anything else for the dating of the 6 Ezra fragment (P. Oxy. 7 1010)? Grenfell and Hunt just state “The upright and neat though rather heavily formed uncials may be attributed to the fourth century”, which isn’t much to go on =/

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