Digital Images of P64

I noted before that the Bodleian Library at Oxford had made images of several of their manuscripts freely available online. I see now that they also have put up excellent high resolution digital images of P64, that is, the Magdalen College fragments of the Gospel According to Matthew (with a scale!!).

These have apparently been up since 2017 (right around the time that I ordered new digital photography of them for use in my book–thanks Australian Research Council!). In any event, thanks to the Bodleian for making these images available!

Another set of fragments that probably came from the same codex (P.Monts.Roca inv. 1, P67), can be viewed online through the Ductus project here.

To the best of my knowledge, good quality color images of the other fragments sometimes associated with this book (the Gospel According to Luke, BnF Ms. Suppl. grec 1120 [2], a.k.a. P4) are nowhere to be found online. Some older image of the codex of Philo of Alexandria inside which these fragments of Luke were found can be seen online.

For those who don’t know these fragments, there is a chapter in my book that tells their story, which is pretty wild (provenance! palaeography!): “Fabricating a Second-Century Codex of the Four Gospels.”

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4 Responses to Digital Images of P64

  1. Frederick Williams says:

    Thank you again! But could you please give us all the references of your book? Yours ever, Frederick Williams

  2. S Walch says:

    The only colour photograph of any fragment of P4 is the Matthew title flyleaf as seen over at academia:
    Could do with the BnF looking to rectify this!

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