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Upcoming Talk on Coptic Books

For those who might be interested, I will be giving a lecture on early Coptic books on 6 August at 6 pm (Berlin time).

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Recently Emerged Coptic Manuscripts of Dubious Origins: A Working List

In an earlier posting, I started compiling a list of recently emerged papyri of dubious origins. It turns out that several of these pieces were among those stolen from the Egypt Exploration Society’s collection of papyri excavated from Oxyrhynchus. I … Continue reading

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The Coptic Material from Oxyrhynchus

Several people have asked me why there are no Coptic pieces on the list of recently emerged papyri of dubious origins. I put that list online in the hopes of identifying more material that may have been stolen from the … Continue reading

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The Tchacos-Ferrini Codex of the Pauline Epistles in Coptic

While working through Scott Carroll’s videos, I’ve mentioned what I’m calling the Tchacos-Ferrini Codex of the Pauline epistles in Coptic (LDAB 108582). Little is currently known about this papyrus codex aside from an article in the journal Early Christianity by … Continue reading

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Still More Greek and Coptic Papyri from Scott Carroll

Thanks again to the resourcefulness of David Bradnick, here is still another video of Scott Carroll displaying still more papyrus and parchment manuscripts, including some Greek and Coptic manuscripts that have not appeared in the other videos I have surveyed. … Continue reading

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More Early Christian Greek and Coptic Papyri in the Green Collection?

In earlier posts I’ve discussed a number of early Christian manuscripts associated with the Green Collection (papyri of Genesis, Exodus and Hebrews, Matthew, Romans, and 1 Corinthians). Most of these pieces were featured at different points in the “Passages” speakers … Continue reading

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A Manuscript of Job in Coptic from Karanis

In my previous post, I discussed a fragment of the Psalms in Greek excavated during the University of Michigan’s campaigns in Karanis. The Michigan excavators also found some Coptic literary material at the site. In 1979, Gerald M. Browne published … Continue reading

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The Modern Lives of an Ancient Coptic Book: P.Bodmer XXII + VK 783

A couple years ago, Roberta Mazza traced the “modern biography” of a fragmentary papyrus leaf containing the Gospel According to John, P.Oxy. 15.1780 (better known to New Testament scholars as P39). It’s a fascinating article that can be downloaded here. … Continue reading

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Here is a selection of my reviews of colleagues’ books. 2023 Theodore C. Petersen Coptic Bookbindings in the Pierpont Morgan Library(The Legacy Press, 2021) Reviewed in Journal of Coptic Studies 2022 Gordon D. Fee Bodmer Papyri, Scribal Culture, and Textual … Continue reading

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Radiocarbon Analysis of Papyrus and Parchment Manuscripts: A List

It occurs to me that it would be useful to have (as complete as possible) a list of papyrus and parchment manuscripts that have been subjected to radiocarbon analysis. I have tried to arrange this list chronologically by the date … Continue reading

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