Images of the Bodmer Papyri Online

Bodmer Papyri SiteI’m happy to announce that as part of the ongoing work of the Bodmer Lab, images of the Greek and Coptic manuscripts from Egypt held at the Fondation Martin Bodmer are now available online. The website remains a work in progress, but the bulk of the images are now available, and the site is live. A couple points to note as you use the site:

Numbering: We employ a numbering system that uses the abbreviation PB (Papyrus Bodmer) and an Arabic number or a Latin letter. In most cases, these numbers correspond to the older system of Roman numerals: P.Bodmer I = PB 1; P.Bodmer II = PB 2; P. Bodmer III = PB 3, etc. In situations when a single codex is composed of several of the old P.Bodmer numbers, we have employed a new “letter” designation:

P.Bodmer XXV+IV+XXVI = PB M, the Bodmer Menander codex
P.Bodmer V+X+XI+VII+XIII+XII+VIII = PB C, the Bodmer Composite codex
P.Bodmer XX+IX = PB P, the Apology of Phileas and Psalms codex
P.Bodmer XXXVIII+XXIX+XXX-XXXVII = PB D, the Bodmer Codex of Visions
P.Bodmer XLV+XLVI+XLVII+XXVII = PB T, the Bodmer Susanna-Daniel-Thucydides codex


PB 48 Example with labels

Sample page for PB 48 showing links for images and metadata

Navigation: The navigation of the page works as follows: From the main landing page, scroll down and click on the image of the manuscript you would like to see. This takes you to a page with a few selected images and a brief description of the manuscript. To see more detailed information about the manuscript and a brief bibliography, just click on “Afficher les méta-données complètes” in the lower right corner of the page (you may need to scroll down a bit to see this link). To see the full set of images, click “Ouvrir le document” in the lower right corner of the large display image. To return to the main page from for the manuscript from the full set of images, click “Retour au document” in the upper left corner of the main image or just use your browser’s “Back” button.

Images: In most cases, these images are new, high resolution digital images. In a few cases involving especially fragile manuscripts that are still kept in book block form, we have used existing black and white photos of varying quality as place holders until we are able to safely obtain new digital images. Most of the images are in proper order, but we are aware that some (e.g. PB 57) need to be corrected. We appreciate your patience.

Rules for use: The Fondation Martin Bodmer has posted its copyright policy here:
Or contact the Fondation at

So, with all that said, the images are available here:
The default display of the items in not entirely intuitive. We hope to improve this in due course. In the meantime, those seeking a listing of the P.Bodmer manuscripts in numerical order with links to these images should see this site.

Questions about the site can be directed to me (brent [dot] nongbri [at] gmail [dot] com) or Daniel Sharp (daniel [dot] sharp [at] byuh [dot] edu).


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4 Responses to Images of the Bodmer Papyri Online

  1. Roy Kotansky says:

    Wow, this is beautiful!! I took a quick look at the Gospel of John and saw some beautiful images of folia on my android phone, but I didn’t see anywhere where I could zoom in or enlarge the image. Will this be possible?

    • Hi Roy, Zooming is certainly possible on desktops and laptops. I haven’t spent much time with phone and tablet interfaces. Just checking now with my phone (iPhone SE), and I’m getting the best results by doing the following: From the item page (e.g. PB 2) click on “Ouvrir avec Mirador.” That puts you into the full set of images. They load somewhat slowly on my phone, but there are zoom buttons visible here in the lower right corner of the image. Pinching out also seems to get an equally good magnification.

      • Roy Kotansky says:

        Oh, this is good!! Thanks very much Brent! I think I had trouble with the Mirador, which wasn’t loading very fast. I will have to try again! Huge thanks!

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